ATM Service

ATM Service

With the view of enhancing service to our customer, we have started ATM service from B.S. 2068.05.08. Our first ATM is located at the ground floor of our head office at New Road, Kathmandu. Besides this, we are connected to more than 80 SCT member Bank & Financial Institution with more than 850 ATM terminal and more than 1340 POS terminal within Nepal which makes our ATM debit card accepted all over Nepal at all the ATM terminals and POS terminals displaying SCT logo.

  • The service provided by us through our ATM are:
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fast Cash
  • Balance enquiry
  • PIN no. change
  • Point Of Sales (POS) Transaction
S.N. Charges on ATM Card Operation
1 Card Issuance Fee Free
2 Annual Fee/Card Renewal Rs 200.00
3 Additional Card Issuance Rs 200.00
4 Regeneration of PIN Rs 100.00
S.N. Charges on ATM Transactions
1 ATM cash withdrawal/balance enquiry from our ATM Free
2 ATM cash withdrawal from SCT Network ATM Rs 25.00
3 Balance enquiry from SCT Network ATM Rs 3.00
4 Point of Sales (POS) Transactions Free
S.N. Withdrawal Limits
1 Minimum withdrawal per transaction Rs 500.00
2 Maximum withdrawal per transaction Rs 16,000.00
3 Maximum withdrawal per day Rs 50,000.00
4 Maximum no. of withdrawal per day 5 times
S.N. POS Transaction Limits
1 Maximum per transaction limit amount Rs 50,000.00
2 Maximum per day limit amount Rs 75,000.00
3 Maximum no. of transaction per day 5 times

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